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April 09, 2008


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what a lovely experience!


Thank you everyone! Donna, I'm sorry that I never saw your question to answer it. It's a little late, but you can google No Greater Joy to get to the Pearls' website. They have a store online where you can order their products. The one I bought was the mp3 version on a CD. You load it into your computer, and download it into iTunes (that's what I used, anyway). Then you connect your iPod and transfer the tracks to your iPod. Hope this helps.


THis is so timely for me. I have been struggling. Really struggling to be joyful in my marriage and mothering. It makes me even more down on myself for not being joyful...I know better. Somehow, the words you wrote really spoke to me. God has given me so much. Am I anything like the girl my husband married? I will smile. He is coming home soon from work- I will greet him, I will smile and be sweet. The Lord has really been answering my prayers in unusual ways- I guess He wants things to improve,too!

Donna Shenk

Thank you for your great post. I'm curious where you got "Created to be..." for your Ipod? Could I get it for my MP3 player? Thanks!


I linked to you from my series. Blessings! Thanks for sharing your encouragement.


Wonderful post. I've gone through a similar journey and look forward to reading the two books you recommend. I'm just finishing up a "Spice Up Your Marriage" series on my blog that you might enjoy. It's along the same line as your post.


I like this post. You really can change your life just by simple things like smiling, getting dressed in the morning, and being pleasant. Thanks for the reminder.

Blue Castle

Great post and excellent tips! :)
Thank you.

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