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November 14, 2007


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I have a great toy organization and toy storage product. It's called Toy Tamers and it zips closed to fully contain the toys and all their peices and it is easy for the kids to use. You can find them at www.kidskluttertamers.com

How To Build a Fireplace

The work continues on the house. This is the first house project we’ ve done without us living in the place or doing the work ourselves. Blessed relief. If you’ ve ever lived through a major remodel with tiny feet pattering about, you know what I mean. The framing is almost complete on the walls we are changing. For example, there were six bedrooms upstairs, but one of the bedrooms is becoming two bathrooms (the master bathroom and the kids’ bathroom). The rough plumbing and electric are next.

All Adither

And it's so great when you get to whip out the new/old toys again. It's like Christmas.


Great tip. I love toy rotation. It helps to keep the rascals entertained and helps the house to look less cluttered.

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