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November 01, 2007


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Ben C.

More than two months after the 12/8/2009 U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recall on the Amby bed, we're still waiting for a repair kit from the manufacturer. With this kind of response, we will outgrow the bed before it is ever made safe for our child to use. Totally unacceptable response from the company.


We have used an Amby for our daughter, who is now 8 months old, from the time of her birth. She loves it, most times refusing to sleep anywhere else. I, however, have some complaints. The sheets are a joke. They are basically flats with two elastic straps across the back to hold them on. The elastic wore out almost immediately. I have had to pin the sheets on which makes changing them a big pain. Also, the whole bed gets very smelly from my daughter sweating. I haven't found an easy way to clean it all up without taking the whole thing apart. A real pain.

However, after all that griping, I must say that the Amby has been a life saver for us because of space issues. We live in a tiny apartment, with no room for even a pack and play. We put a heavy hook securely in our bedroom to hang the Amby, and that is where little girl has slept since birth.

She has slept through the night since about 6 weeks old. I can put her in the Amby, give her blanket to her and walk away. She puts herself to sleep.


Update: Another idea for this...we will be travelling in an RV this summer. We plan to find a secure place to drill an eyebolt in the ceiling, to hang the Amby hammock from. This way, the baby will have someplace familiar and comfortable to sleep, and it won't even need to take up any floor space. Which is great, because while the Amby frame takes up less space than a pack-n-play, it still takes up a lot of space. We'll probably remove the dinette table or lower it, and hang the hammock above that. NOTE: Be sure the eyebolt is secure...pull on it really hard to make sure! And I hope I don't need to add that no baby should be in it while the vehicle is in motion...they belong strapped in a safety seat!

Steve Yuen

Excellent review. We have people asking about hammocks for the nursery and was wondering about the effectiveness of this product. Good to know about the customer service of American distributor.

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