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Welcome to my hearth and home! This is a cozy little place to make friends and ponder all things homemaking.

I have a sweet husband and five (, two, three, four....yep, five) children. I'm learning that home has become my favorite place to be, and I have been spending more and more time lately making it into the haven and sanctuary that I want to be.

Organizing, decorating, cleaning, cooking, quilting, sewing, laundry, telling my husband often how much I love and appreciate him, holding my children, reading to them, and teaching them about God...these are but a few of the ways I express my love for my family. I look forward to exchanging ideas with other homemakers on how to better make our houses into homes.


Homemaking, sewing, quilting, cleaning, organization, frugality, all things old fashioned, classical music, modesty, reading Homemaking blogs